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WHAT IS Sensual Pain?

Here at, you will find the documented, real life journey of Master James and His alpha-slave abigail (Abigail Dupree).

As hedonists, their appetites for entertaining every single one of their senses, has led them to creating some extremely elaborate and off the cusp productions with pain and pleasure being at the forefront of what drives them.

Recorded in a theatrical studio setting as well as the natural elements, Master James welcomes all those with a slave mind to submit themselves to His sadistically creative techniques and hand crafted devices. Here at, there is no discrimination toward race, gender, sexual identity, religious preference, age...etc etc you name it!

Heavy, steel shackles and chains, leather body restraints, hoods and sensory deprivation gear, primitive reproductions of devices used to extract information from captives, dark and gritty atmosphere with an underlying rustic, earthy vein of wooden contraptions give a balance to both the Pain and Sensuality that you will witness. You may even get a sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes in certain specified productions, as Master James likes to educate and show what really might be happening as you gain inspiration for your own painful pleasures.

Along with the full-length productions in BDSM, you will also find the solo workings of Abigail Dupree. She will take your wildest sexual and or sadistic fantasies, and give you a one on one, live Skype show you will not soon forget that will have you coming back for more. There is no stone to be left un-turned and she feeds off of your twisted perversions. It is very evident that she loves what she does and loves to please.

You never know what you will be seeing next from these two and it is always displayed with the highest of quality and every last drop of their heart and soul. Welcome to!


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The art of causing pain sensually.

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